Scandalous Episode 3 by Mina Khan Website: Good thing Abby had plenty of experience with challenges. She didn’t like them necessarily, but she never backed off from one. Squaring her shoulders, she met his glare and smiled. “We’ll see about that.” A glint of interest sparked in his eyes as his lips twitched into a shadow of a smile. A smile that did nothing to cut the dark broodiness of his features or the thick tension in the room. Just made him look more…big, bad, and dangerous. She swallowed as her heart sprinted. Were those fangs peeking out over his full sensuous lips? Oh,Read More →

Scandalous Episode 2 by Valerie Twombly Website: Abby hadn’t been prepared when the door swung open, and Reed Evans greeted her wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and thick black hair that looked as though he’d been ridden hard. She stared into his blazing green eyes and would have melted if not for the fact he looked madder than a bull who’d just lost his nuts. “Mr. Evans?” What a stupid question. Of course he was, but she’d suddenly lost her nerve. “Who wants to know?” he growled. “My name’s Abby Livingston and I’m here on business. May I come in?” “Woman, youRead More →

POST JULY 3RD   Scandalous   Episode 1 by Chanta Rand Website: He smelled bacon. He mentally struggled with whether to get up and eat or to lay comatose. Comatose felt good. Eating would mean dealing with his cotton-dry mouth and the insistent pounding at his hotel door. He rolled over in his king-sized bed and cracked an eye open. His gaze landed on a plate stacked with strips of bacon, and a mountain of scrambled eggs slathered in Tabasco sauce—just the way he liked them. He’d eaten the same breakfast ever since he’d bought this hotel years ago. Everything was as it shouldRead More →