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Ten titillating tales from USA Today, bestselling and award-winning authors. Step into the world of some of the freshest voices in romance. From spicy secrets to sweet second chances. Come find your perfect shade of desire.
J.A. Coffey – Bestselling Author

Divorced certified fraud examiner Jessica Barlow catches liars for a living. Sparks fly when she’s assigned to investigate a dating website owned by a man determined to guarantee she finds love—even if he has to pretend to be a client!
Wendy Ely – USA Today Bestselling Author

Sometimes good men are taught to do evil things and it takes the strength of a sheltered woman to make things right. When Gabi learns of her father, she is asked to leave for her own safety. Fine. She’ll go… but she is taking her secret love with her, even if it’s at gun-point.
Dorothy Callahan – Bestselling Author

Jess never forgot her first kiss, especially since it came from the guy who taught her everything she knows about antiques, her livelihood. But if she wins the priceless inheritance, Jess will risk losing Darius Covington all over again.
Diane Escalera – Bestselling Author

Shay LaCosta screwed up a damn good marriage. Now she’s on a mission to get a little submission, and get her hunky husband back in her bed.
Lena Hart – Bestselling Author

Athena Lewis has a sharp mind and an even sharper attitude. Except when it comes to “Davie,” the only man who’s ever truly made her feel safe. Yet to protect the only family she has left, she must embark on a mission that goes against everything she believes in—and that includes using the last trick she has left. Her body.
Chanta Rand – Bestselling Author and Debut Author of the Year

Thrown together for ninety days by a spiteful judge, womanizing attorney, Cayson Sullivan and street-smart hustler, Destiny Jackson find the only thing they can agree on is their red-hot attraction for each other.
Emma Leigh Reed

Pregnant and running from her abusive boyfriend, Chloe Wilder takes refuge in the sleepy coastal town of Arden. Police chief, Jayden Peterson, thinks the worst crime that could happen in Arden is jaywalking. Could the real danger be the two of them falling for each other?
Cindy Stark – Bestselling Author

Battle-worn soldier, Jerry returns home intending to avoid his ex-fiancée. The shrapnel that wounded him pales in comparison to the gash she left in his heart. Kimber lost everything when she broke off her engagement, and she’ll fight to win him back.
Valerie Twombly – Bestselling Author

Armand has lost everything. His magic and his freedom are taken when an evil curse is placed on the Jinn, but a newcomer to town may be his savior. When evil emerges from the shadows, Makayla learns she must choose between her mortality and Armand’s freedom.
Kristina Knight – Bestselling Author

Dumped by her celebrity boyfriend, unlucky-in-love author Casey Cash needs a break. But, between the male escort trying to get into her bed and the tabloid reporter intent on getting her story, Casey might have been smarter to stay in New York…


“One of the most descriptive, steamiest foreplay scenes that I have ever encountered!”
—Brittany, book blogger & Goodreads reviewer

It began quickly and almost immediately, the story had me in suspense. Whether I was hoping for Gabrielle’s safe escape to her father’s cabin, and for her and Mikolas to get together, I was on the edge of my seat.”
—Isabella from Chick Lit Goddess Reviews

“I’ve never read a romance where the two main characters were more perfect for each other.”
—Print and Film Fan

“Diane Escalera cranks up the heat and gives a story sizzling with seduction and chemistry between her characters.”
—Book Lovers, Inc.

“The passion between the main characters is FIYAH, and they are relatable!”
—Amazon Reviewer

“The sexual tension in this book is incredible. These are real people, and it is as if they could walk right off the pages and into the real world!”
—Rose, Amazon Reviewer

“The book had me sharing emotions with the characters and had my heart racing the whole time. I called it “criminal minds in a book”.

“Powerfully sweet story of love, hurt and forgiveness.”
—Vo Pov, Amazon Reviewer

“This book was steamy, sexy, raw with a side of chocolate dipped cherries on top! I finished reading this book in record time it was so damn juicy!”
–Paranormaly Yours

“Mr. Right Now packs a lot of story into 50,000 words—it demands attention. Steaming sex scenes, humor and memorable characters.”
—Reader review on Amazon & Goodreads

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Excerpt from Spanish Nights by Valerie Twombly

Makayla had been positive Armand was going to kiss her. Instead he’d set her

aside and almost seemed angry that she had trusted him. Their ride back to the

mainland had been quiet and almost tense. What had caused the sudden change? The

kiss on the cheek? Everything had certainly gone to hell after that, but she could have

sworn he wanted her.

She brushed the hair from her face. What did she know about men anyway? It

had been two years since her last relationship and it had failed. She had failed. The

entire idea was a mistake and she should just chalk it up to a lesson learned and move

on. Tears stung her eyes. She thought she saw something good and decent in Armand.

Even if only for a one-night stand, she thought he would have catered to her every

need, giving her something her past relationships always lacked. Maybe she should

just hire the deed done. Women did it all the time now and why not? Their sexual

urges were the same as a man’s, only the rules were different.

Half an hour later, they were back at the dock and Armand helped her off the


“I’ll escort you home.”

Really? She pursed her lips. “I’m sure you have lots to do. I can see myself

home. Thank you again for a nice day.” She spun and started to walk away, but he

was on her heels.

“I wasn’t asking.” He moved in beside her.

Kayla kept her gaze ahead. She could feel the heat rising up her neck. “Suit

yourself.” If he wanted to walk with her then fine, but she refused to converse with

him. The mixed signals he kept sending were making her dizzy. He went from

seductive to demanding to angry with god-knows-what. The confusion running

through her brain gave her a headache.

Ten silent minutes later, she finally reached her front door. She slipped the key

into the lock and turned the handle. The door opened to reveal a darkened room and

she could hardly wait to escape back into it. She wondered if the entire trip was a

waste. Good manners had her turning around to face the sexy man who’d towered

beside her all day.

“Thank you again. It was lovely.”

His hands gripped her upper arms and his body pinned her against the

doorjamb. His lips crashed down on hers. Bruising. Demanding. His tongue pushed

passed and swept into her mouth. He tasted of danger and sin and she wanted to

swallow him whole. Every lean hard muscle of his chest pushed into her breasts

causing them to ache. Her nipples pebbled against her bathing suit and begged to

have his hot tongue glide across them. His erection, thick and hard, pressed into her

belly. She wanted to touch him, but with her arms pinned at her side she could do

nothing except remind herself to breathe.

He consumed her.

Armand nipped her bottom lip then pulled away causing her to moan. Even in

the dusk of the evening, she could see the desire in his eyes. It burned her soul.

“Querida, never trust a strange man again. I will be your one exception,” he

whispered. “Do you understand?”

She swallowed. Her throat parched from the inferno brewing inside her like a

wicked storm. “Y-Yes.”

“Good.” He released her then backed away. “Go inside now. I’ll pick you up

tomorrow evening for dinner.”


Kayla stepped past the entry and closed the door behind her. She leaned against

the cool wood both to quench the fire that raged within and for support. She brought

her fingers to her swollen lips and could almost feel him still pressing against her.

“What the hell just happened?”

Her legs were like Jell-O and her heart raced. She hadn’t expected him to kiss

her. Not after the way things had ended. Even in her surprise, her body couldn’t help

but respond. She had never been kissed like that before. It had been raw. His heat had

seeped through her skin igniting something deep inside her.

“So that’s what it’s like? Holy hell.” She pushed herself off the door and walked

across the living room on wobbly legs. She needed a cold shower. Ice cold to be


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Taken by Desire by Valerie Twombly

Title: Taken by Desire

Series: Demonic Desires, Book 1

Author: Valerie Twombly

Release Date: May 18, 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Greydon has two important missions: Find his brothers and rescue his people. His duty becomes

complicated when he’s forced to beg a human to save his life.

Aimee Jarvis always considered her bookstore a detour to bigger things. Little did she realize her next

stop would be the intriguing world of a demon prince. Yet, she finds the dangerous Greydon alluring.

While their attraction continues to burn, they both deny what their hearts already know. It will take the

mystery of an ancient civilization and a shocking discovery for them to admit their desire.


Greydon and Fang checked the perimeter of the compound to be sure there was no trouble. Greydon

didn’t trust Zolar, even if it was impossible for the god to enter. It would only be a matter of time before

the god succeeded in finding a way in.

“So, how do you feel knowing that Aimee is part demon?” Fang asked.

Greydon shrugged. “How am I supposed to feel?”

The demon protector snorted. “You have the fucking hots for her. Why won’t you simply admit it?”

Greydon stopped outside the front door to the palace. “Just like you to speak what’s on your mind.”

“Will you deny it?” Fang raised a brow.

Greydon laughed. “No, I guess I’m not.”

“Well that’s good because her scent is all over you. So, what are you going to do about it, or have you


“I don’t know.” He opened the door, crossed the threshold with Fang on his heels and immediately

sensed Aimee’s restlessness. He was driven to find her. “Fang, I have something I need to do.”

“Of course you do.” The demon walked in the other direction, laughing to himself.

“I’m glad he finds this humorous,” Greydon mumbled under his breath as he followed both Aimee’s

scent and the pull his tie had to her.

Seconds later, he found himself standing in the doorway of the expansive library, staring at her as she

stood in front of the fire. The black yoga pants formed to every inch of her lean body and the pink tee

allowed her midriff to peek out.

“You look far away.”

She jerked and spun to face him. “I didn’t hear you. I wasn’t tired so thought I’d come in here.”

He walked into the room and made himself comfortable on the couch in front of the fireplace.

“Something bothering you?”

She rubbed her arms as if cold, but he knew better. She was anxious about something. He could smell it.

“I’ve been thinking. I want to help you, but I’m not sure how. Maybe you can guide me in the right


He cocked his head and stared at her, then patted the seat next to him. “Come sit and we can discuss


She plopped down beside him and stared straight into his eyes. “I want to get one thing straight. I know

you think that your attraction to me is from the blood bond, and maybe it is. However, I’m attracted to

you as well and I have no bond to blame. I liked the kiss, and well, I hope you’re not discouraged from

doing it again.”

At a loss for words, he figured the best place to start was with her request to help. “Okay, let’s deal with

one thing at a time. I think you might be a big help in deciphering our society. We’re taught when we are

very small about this world and what happened here. However, there are many gaps. You studied

ancient languages and have a love for old books.”

She nodded. “I think I know where you might be going with this. You want me to do some digging

around here to see what I can learn?”

“Would you mind?” he asked, watching her eyes light up and a big smile spread across her lips. He

realized he liked seeing her happy.

“Absolutely! I would be honored. I have to admit, it would also give me a chance to learn more about my

supposed heritage.”

“I guess you probably have a lot of questions. I know I sure as hell do. In the morning, Fang and I plan to

go back to the compound where you were held, and see if we can locate the others.”

Aimee stared off into the flames. “I’m sure by now they know I’m gone.” Her pleading gaze came back to

meet his. “You have to save the other humans there too. God only knows what they’ve done to them.”

The need to provide comfort coursed through him so he brushed his thumb down her cheek, desiring

the intimate contact. “I’ll do my best, but you have to understand. My people, and especially my

brothers, come first. After that I will not hesitate to save who I can.”

“Of course I understand, and I wouldn’t expect any less.” She leaned into his palm and desire darkened

her hazel eyes.

He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he leaned in and brushed his lips across hers. He wanted more, and

even though she’d admitted being attracted to him, he still held back. However, it took him by surprise

when she placed her palms on his chest and pushed him back into the couch. Her lips never broke

contact with his and when he could go no further, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her tongue

pressed and he opened, allowing her to sweep in and taste him. She positioned herself between his

spread legs and the next thing he knew, she was grinding against his swollen erection.

She laced her fingers in his hair as her tongue continued to plunder his mouth. Never before had he

given control to a woman. He wondered why, since he was loving every second of it.

He slid his hands down her back and cupped her ass, digging his fingers into the firm flesh. She moaned

into their kiss and pressed harder against him. Heat radiated between her thighs and caused his shaft to

ache. He needed both his cock and his fangs buried deep inside her, but damn he had to stop this and


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Also Available for Pre-Order: Shades of Desire, including Spanish Nights.

99 cents for a limited time; includes 10 full novels.

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About the Author

Valerie Twombly pic

As a child, Valerie would often get into trouble for peeking at her mother’s favorite TV show, Dark

Shadows. She can still hear her mother saying. “It will give you nightmares.” She was right of course, but

that did not stop Valerie from watching. As an adult, her love of the fanged creatures never waned. She

would watch any vampire movie she could find.

Being a true romantic, Valerie was thrilled when she discovered the genre of paranormal romance. Her

first read was one of Lara Adrian’s, Midnight Breed Series and from there she was hooked.

Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side and put it to paper. When she is not busy

creating a world full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she juggles her time between a

full-time job, hubby and her two German shepherd dogs, in Northern IL. Valerie is a member of

Romance Writers of America and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers.

Connect with Valerie:

Website| Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads |Google+| Pinterest | Tsu

Book Trailers:

Eternal Flame, Guardians #1

Fatal Desire, Guardians #2

Primal Hunger, Guardians #3


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Wine & Whiskey by Nikki Belaire

I”m so excited to share this new author with you.  Check out the cover to Nikki Belaire”s debut novel.

Now let”s meet the two main players in the story.

Nick DeMarco

A wealthy financier with alleged ties to

organized crime. He”s arrogant,

stubborn, and obsessed with the quiet,

gentle woman who may not be as delicate

as she seems.


Shae Armstrong

A sheltered pop star living a life created

by others. She”s bold on stage, yet

guarded when the lights fade.


No longer controlled by her mother, manager, or former fiancé, pop star Shae

Armstrong steps out on her own and into the path of Nick DeMarco, a wealthy

investor with alleged ties to organized crime and real childhood scars to overcome. She

wants to take it slow. He needs her now, in his life and in his bed.

Nick’s enemies threaten her career, her friendships, even her sanity, but not her heart –

the one thing Nick holds precious. He proves his love is real, and she stops running.

Until everything around them falls apart, including him. He swore he would never

hurt her. Instead, he almost destroys them both.

Buoyed by her new-found confidence and strength his love instills in her, Shae makes a

dangerous choice, sacrificing her happiness for his, just like he always does for her.

Unable to let her break the connection between them, Nick accepts the trust she places

in him, the depth of her love giving him the courage to try again.

Now that she’s found her own voice and helped him see who he really is, can Shae

survive the challenges of living in Nick’s world?

About the Author
Nikki Belaire Biography

Nikki writes contemporary romantic thrillers and admits to a weakness for alpha males

and bad boys, especially ones who can’t live without the strong women they love. She

spends more time in her characters’ lives than her own. But, when she’s in the real

world, her passions include reading, wine appreciating, running, and spending time

with her husband and daughter.

The first book of Nikki’s Surviving Absolution series is Wine & Whiskey, which

launched through Secret Cravings Publishing. Heat level: three flames

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Excerpt 2 (Adult)

Pinkness tints her cheeks as she tilts her head, tucking a strand of hair behind

her ear. Her sudden shyness intoxicates him, a heady combination of adorable and

sexy, making her pleasure his only goal. He slips his hands under her negligee,

lifting it off and tossing it aside. The pressure in his groin almost erupts at

her pink nipples straining taut against his chest.

Keeping him from taking one in his mouth, she slides her delicate hands under

his chin, studying his face, scanning his features as if searching for something

beyond the surface. He freezes under her gaze. She delves deeper than any other

woman, almost farther than he can endure, fearful she’ll pierce the mask hiding

the real him. And, despise what she finds underneath. His voice chokes in his

throat. “What?”

A soft smile graces her angelic face. “Has anyone ever told you how wonderful

you are?”

No. Because no one’s ever thought it but her.

Her mouth finds his. Chaste kisses, smiling against his lips. “And romantic.”

Pressing softly, barely touching. “Thoughtful.” Driving him to the edge as he

resists every urge to devour her. “Sexy.”

Just when he can’t hold back any longer, she thrusts her tongue inside, making

him moan as his fingers slide across her cheeks online casino and into her hair, absorbing all

of her sweet essence. Fighting to control his desire, he breaks away, dipping

his head and flicking his tongue against the hardened nub, keeping her in place

as her back arches. She drives her hands through his hair, wrapping her fingers

around the burgeoning curls on his neck he hates, her breathy whisper like

fireworks against his skin. “These are perfect to hold on to when you make love

to me.”

Okay, maybe they aren’t so bad. She lifts up from straddling him as he grasps

the waistband of her panties. Her fingertips burn his skin in their urgency to

help him push them down. In her raised position, he teases her wet core,

stroking the soft folds before plunging a finger inside. She gasps, her legs

trembling, and begins to lower herself back down. Wrapping his arm around her

waist, he holds her up as she rests her head on his shoulder. His body flames

with need at her lips on his ear. “Your fingers are magic.”

“That’s not my only trick.”

As she whispers his name, her hands move to his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping

them as he lifts up to free himself from the fabric separating them. He reaches

into his pocket and pulls out a foil packet before kicking his pants all the way

off. Her eyes never waver from his as he guides her hips over his throbbing tip.

She slides down his length, her lips parting in a sharp gasp, her small fist

wrapping around his shirt. Pain grips his chest at her hesitation. “Are you


A slow smile curls her lips as she nods. “I’ve never been on top. You’re a lot

to take in at once.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m fine.”

Coiling her arms around his neck, she slowly raises and lowers her body, letting

him stretch and fill her, building tension in him begging to be released. Silky

perfection moving under his fingertips. All he can see is her. Nothing else

exists. No barriers between them. Only her sweetness surrounding him, flowing

over him like the purest honey. “Do you know how much I love you?”

She nods, her eyes heavy with desire, locking with his. God, she’s so beautiful.

“How right this is?”

Her head dips again, her gaze boring into his, humbling him with the enormity of

her love.

“How I”m never letting you go?”

Her pace quickens at his words. Their bodies’ slick with sweat, skin sliding

against skin as she accepts him completely. He grasps her hips, grinding into

her while helping her ride him faster and deeper. The rhythm of his hard thrusts

matches her racing heart against his chest, her muscles pulsing and tightening

around him. “Nick, I…”

He can’t hold back, and he’s taking her with him. “Tell me, sweetness.”


Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake

Demons – Imagine Dragons

The Heart Wants What it Wants – Selena Gomez

Say Something – Great Big World

Stay – Rihanna

I Could Not Ask for More – Edwin McCain

Let Her Go – Passenger

Adore You – Miley Cyrus

Clarity – Zedd

Here Without You – Three Doors Down

Far Away – Nickelback

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Insignificant by Kelly Lincoln



Presented by: Sparkle Book Tours

Insignificant – The Goldenrod Series #1

by Kelly Lincoln


Audience: New Adult 18+

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Format: E-book and Paperback

Publisher:Kelly Lincoln

Cover by: Najla Qamber Designs.

Cover photo by Lindee Robinson Photography

Editor: Editing 4 Indies

Date Published: 6/10/15


Due to explicit language, sexual content, and dark themes, reader discretion is advised.

When Taylor was four years old, she became an orphan and her childhood spiraled into darkness.

She spent years lying, hiding, and avoiding any love offered to her until she was old enough to run

away from all the threats of her past.

Now twenty-two, Taylor doesn’t think she’s worth more than being the kind of girl a guy hooks up

with in the back room of a bar after her band plays. She definitely isn’t the one you bring home to

meet Mom and Dad.

An unlikely rescue puts her in Ethan’s sight. He’s her total opposite, though. Ethan is a sexy dork who

sees beyond Taylor’s guarded exterior. He sees past the tattoos and piercings. He sees her.

But they both have secrets capable of destroying their relationship. And if Taylor’s past ever catches

up with her, the consequences could be deadly.


My breath caught when he stood behind me to look over my shoulder. We weren’t touching, but my

skin broke out in goosebumps and my body ached for contact with his. Heat swirled in my stomach

at the thought. How easy would it be to lean back against that awesome chest and have those killer

arms hug me? I gripped the table to keep myself from doing anything stupid.

“Beautiful,” he said softly.

“Cool.” I shined the enlarger on the paper and picked up the photo after I turned it off. Ethan was

still behind me, and I swallowed as I turned around. Looking at him in this sexy orange lighting was


A quiet popping noise invaded our silent room, and the orange light went out, leaving us in darkness.

I flinched in surprise, brushing against Ethan. He put his hands on my arms. “The light burned out.”


I laughed, trying to distract myself from my tingly arms. “Yeah, Captain Obvious. I can tell.”

He laughed softly. “I have another one, I’ll go change it. We just have to…” His grip tightened, and he

drew me closer to him as he turned me so we switched places. One hand moved off my arm and to

my back as his voice dropped. “Trade places. Because it’s on the shelf.”

“Right,” I whispered. When he moved us, I dropped the paper, but I really couldn’t have cared less

now that his arms were around me. Without thinking, I reached out and held my breath when my

fingers brushed against smooth skin. I trailed to the side and found his hair. Moving along the side of

his face, I stopped right before his chin and hesitated. Touching him was so ballsey. He might not

want me doing this.

When I stopped, he let out a soft groan, and his fingers moved under the hem of my shirt, barely

grazing the skin of my lower back. I took a shaky breath and raised my other hand, tracing the planes

of his face, the one line across his forehead, the rise and fall of his glasses, the bridge of his nose,

and the indent in his chin, so slight it was barely noticeable. His thin top lip. His full bottom one.

Over and over again, and his breaths came out deep as his fingers kept moving lightly against my

bare skin.

I whimpered as he put his other hand on the side of my face. Fucking whimpered.

“I like this,” he whispered as his fingers followed my eyebrows, over the piercing and down toward

my cheek.

I kept tracing his lips as he touched me, all too aware of the strong ache between my legs. “Me too,”

I breathed.

My pulse echoed in my head as his hand rested under my chin with his thumb on my lip ring. Neither

one of us moved.

I couldn’t fucking handle it anymore. “Ethan?”

“Yes?” his soft voice replied.

“Kiss me already.”


Kelly Lincoln is pretty lame but she’s okay with that. She enjoys reading, inappropriate jokes, all

things Disney, and spending time with her family. She lives in the northeast and drinks way too much

Diet Coke.

For character bios, playlists, and news about upcoming releases, please visit

You can also find Kelly when she’s avoiding writing on Facebook at or on Twitter


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I’m so excited to finally share Blind Love with you!!



Title: Blind Love

Author: Kishan paul

Release Date: June 2, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

She doesn’t need a hero. But a sexy Marine…that’ll work.

Though Lauren Baxter’s world is a blurry mess of colors, she has no tolerance for pity. With the help of her guide dog, Jack Sparrow, she’s built a good life for herself. She has everything she wants: her PhD, a thriving counseling practice and her independence.

When she meets her new neighbor, the man’s warm Texas accent and clean male scent weaken her knees. Her attraction to the former Marine is mutual and, unfortunately, a complication she doesn’t need.

Gabriel Briggs carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. He has his reasons for indulging only in short-term flings, but the feisty, green-eyed Lauren makes him want to forget every one.

In a rare moment of fragility, Lauren winds up in Gabe’s arms. One night together can’t break their self-imposed rules, right? But when a woman from Gabe’s past is murdered, the reasons he should have stayed away become painfully clear, threatening innocent lives he may not be able to save—especially Lauren’s.

Product Warnings
Contains a blind therapist who doesn’t consider herself impaired; a meddling, erotic-novel-writing best friend; a hot ex-Marine with a shady past; and a loyal guide dog that howls “I love you” and is probably the sanest one of the bunch.

Available for pre-order May 3, 2015:



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About the Author:

From daring escapes by tough women to chivalrous men swooping in to save the
day, the creativity switch to Kishan Paul’s brain is always in the “on”
position. If daydreaming stories were a college course, Kish would have
graduated with honors.

Mother of two beautiful children, she has been married to her best friend
for over seventeen years. With the help of supportive family and friends, she
balances her family, a thriving counseling practice, and writing without
sinking into insanity.

Her novella, Taking the Plunge, is currently available in the Love Least
Expected Anthology on Amazon.

She can be found at:
Sign up for her newsletter at:
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  • About Kishan

    From daring escapes by tough women to chivalrous men swooping in to save the day, the creativity switch to Kishan Paul’s brain was always in the on position. If daydreaming stories was a subject, Kish would have graduated with honors. It has taken her decades to discover a way to finally pull those stories out of her head and share them with the world.

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