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Nessie Strange’s Living Dead Girl Release Part 2: By Nessie Strange

Nessie Strange’s Living Dead Girl Release Part 2: By Nessie Strange

Countdown to Release Day, Part 2 : Just a Tease




Now that I’ve gotten my blog back from a certain wayward character (ahem), how about a little tease from Nessie’s new book? Here’s a short excerpt from the opening chapter of LIVING DEAD GIRL: 

 Providence, Rhode Island
Was it a full moon? Because it seemed like crazy hit town and we got flooded. The funeral home was packed with more bodies than usual. I’d spent the past half hour explaining to a grieving family why an open casket really wasn’t the best option for their grandmother who’d been dead for over two weeks. Believe me, it wasn’t. I’d never been so happy to lock the front door.
Dad and I were cleaning up the prep room when my nineteen-year-old cousin Ethan appeared in the doorway with his hand shoved in a bag of chips. Like all the men in the family he towered over me, a height that was punctuated by another three or so inches of reddish-brown white boy ’fro. “You guys want the bad news or the really bad news first?”
The beginnings of a migraine pulsated in my right temple, growing more insistent by the second. It was now after ten o’clock at night. The only thing I wanted was to shower and get ready for bed.
Dad closed the stainless steel cabinet where we kept all the bottles of embalming chemicals. “Just lay it all out there.”
“Man, you guys are no fun.” He stuffed another chip in his mouth, then wiped his hand on the front of his Naruto T-shirt. “All right. We got another stiff, and Drew’s at some shady party getting hammered.” Ethan grinned.
“What?” I said. “Drew is…what?”
“You know, getting sloshed, shitfaced, cocked, drunk—”
“I know what it means, you ass.”
Dad looked at me, frowning. “Isn’t he supposed to be working on a science project?”
“What, like how many beers does it take to get to the center of a—?”
“Ethan, knock it off,” I snapped. “Yes, he was supposed to be working on a science project. I should’ve known.”
“Right? Nobody does homework on Friday nights.”
“You’re really not helping.”
Dad sighed and slumped his shoulders. “Well, one of us will have to go get him.”
“Why don’t you guys flip for it?” Ethan held a quarter between his thumb and forefinger and waved it in front of my face. “C’mon. Heads, Jen gets him; tails and Uncle Andrew does it. It’s foolproof.”
Foolproof? Ha. Right. Try suckered. Dad and I looked at each other and shrugged. My sixteen-year-old brother deserved the mother of all ass-kickings. Was it wrong that I was hoping for tails? Tails meant filling out some paperwork and escorting a body from the hospital morgue. It meant no aggravation. That body wasn’t going to argue or give me an attitude. My brother?
Yeah, different story.
Ethan slapped the quarter onto the table and lifted his hand. “Heads, my lovely cousin.”
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Countdown to the release of Nessie Strange’s new book: Living Dead Girl

Countdown to the release of Nessie Strange’s new book: Living Dead Girl

Countdown to Release Day, Part 1: Characters Behaving Badly



I’m taking over this blog.

Yeah, that’s right. You heard me.  Jack Norris here, looking to tear down the walls of this Living Dead…wait, what? Man, that’s lame. Living Dead World? It’s like a Rob Zombie rip-off. This is the deal, internet people. The author claims that she’s busy and doesn’t have time to blog. Well, you know what? I call bullshit. Anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together can type some words in Blogger. I think she’s just fuckin’ lazy. I think–

“Jack, that’s really rude. You’re not actually going to publish that, are you?” My girl Jen is leaning over my shoulder, reading what I just wrote. And looking like she’s gonna smack me right now. I slouch back in my chair and grin at her.

“Hey beautiful.”

She rolls her eyes. “I thought you were going to take this seriously.”

“Babe, I am taking this so fucking seriously you would not even believe it.”

“I,” she kisses me, “call bullshit.”

I grab her hand and pull her onto my lap. “Don’t you find it just a little creepy this writer chick seems to know everything about us?”

She shrugs. “I don’t know. That’s just what they do.”

>“I guess.” I try to distract Jen with a whole lot of other kisses, but she breaks away from me, laughs and stands up.

“Come on, get to work. We can do that later.”

“Man, I don’t even remember what she wanted me to write about. I kinda tuned her out after a while.”

“The book,” she says.

“What book?” I love giving her a hard time.

“Living Dead Girl.” Jen is trying not to laugh. I know she thinks she’s hiding it, but she always gets this little smirk on her face. Totally gives it away.

“Dude, that’s a pretty cool fuckin’ tune.”

“Jack.” She’s giving me the look again. You know, the one that means I’m pushing my luck?

“Fine,” I say with an exaggerated sigh. “The book.” I crack my knuckles.

This book is real fucking good. It’s the best book I ever

“Ow!” I rub the back of my head where Jen just whacked me.

“Be serious,” she says.

“I am.” Well, sort of. I stare at the screen for a while. Crack my knuckles. Where do I begin?



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